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Our Mission

Empower organizations to unleash data insights for maximum business outcomes. The DvSum Data Insights platform makes it effortless to discover, understand, and trust your data thus enabling self-service analytics for everyone.


Modern business innovation is built
on data

Organizations need to make quicker data-driven decisions to fuel business growth and drive operational efficiency.

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Decision-makers are drowning in data but starving for Insights

  • Analyzing data requires technical skills
  • Dependency on IT and Data Analysts
  • Lack of trust in data
data-driven culture


Chat with your data

DvSum empowers everyone in the organization to gain data insights by simply talking to the data. No technical skills required.

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Built on a powerful Data Intelligence foundation

A chat interface is not enough. The underlying data must be comprehensive, well organized, rich with meaning, secured and high-quality. DvSum makes it effortless to discover, optimize, govern, and use data.

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I was initially skeptical when DvSum claimed they could setup the tool in our environment within hours. However, when we began analyzing our bulk data and gaining insights on the first day, I knew we had a powerful tool

Shailesh Jha
Shailesh Jha
Sr. Director of IT, Regal Beloit

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Chat with your Data