Data Intelligence
for Digital Transformation

Discover. Monitor. Govern.

What is DvSum?

dvsum lp data intelligence ml catalog for data democratization and data governance

Smart, Automated
Data Catalog

Search, Explore, and Analyze for unparalleled Data Intelligence

dvsum lp data intelligence ai data catalog discover monitor govern

Discover data
for BI and AI

Smarter Data Discovery with powerful search and automatic cleansing recommendations. Reduce data preparation time and ship new analytics remarkably fast.
vsum lp smart data discovery increase data analytics productivity scale ai bi

Monitor data
for Data Quality

Automatic set rules based on data profile. Alerts when data changes unexpectedly. Deliver high quality data on-time, every-time

dvsum lp dq monitoring high quality data consistently

Govern Data for
Trust and Compliance

Automatic metadata harvesting, data classification and prioritization. Launch a lean and sustainable Data Governance program aligned to your business priorities.

dvsum lp ai data steward adaptive data governance
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What can DvSum Data Intelligence do for you?

Propel you to your Digital and Analytics goals

Harrness the data surge while maintaining control over its frenzied pace.

dvsum lp benefits data teams productive propel digital analytics digital transformation goals

Turn Data Teams
into Data Heros

dvsum lp make analytics teams data super heros

See what our customers are saying

I was initially skeptical when DvSum claimed they could setup the tool in our environment within hours. However, when we began analyzing our bulk data and gaining insights on the first day, I knew we had a powerful tool

Shailesh Jha
Shailesh Jha
Sr. Director of IT, Regal Beloit

Be Data Intelligent.

Discover. Monitor. Govern.