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How Payors Can Use AI-Powered Chat for Iterative, In-the-Moment Analysis to Decrease Costs and Accelerate Time-to-Market

Payors struggle to attain insights into the Electronic Enrollment Transmission (EET) with countless manual processes and need to access multiple systems. This slows time-to-market and…

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[PRESS RELEASE] DvSum Brings the Power of ChatGPT to Snowflake Customers 

Adds reliability and security to GPT-4, an automated data insights platform that includes data catalog, data quality, and data observability  Sept. 11, 2023, Sunnyvale, Calif….

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How healthcare organizations solve revenue cycle management challenges quickly and easily with fast, iterative analysis 

Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), whether Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), all share similar problems in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). How can they…

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How Pharmacy Companies Can Use AI-Powered Chat to Drive Patient Satisfaction with Iterative, In-the-Moment Analysis 

Pharmacy companies can better understand and manage risk among patient populations by ‘chatting with their data’ to improve patient risk stratification as well as consultation…

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How Healthcare Back-Office Professionals Drive Customer Success with “In-the-Moment, Iterative” Analysis, Using Chat-Powered, Self-Service Analytics 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is driving the healthcare industry from a fee-based service to a value-based service.  That means instead of…

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