Why Are You Compromising Your Data? Should we STOP using AI Agents in Telecommunications?

2 Jul, 2024 •

Data Security with DvSum

Have you ever called customer service and worried about your data being safe? In today’s digital world, this concern is more relevant than ever, especially with the rise of AI-powered customer service agents.

The Okta Breach: A Cautionary Tale

Late last year, hackers infiltrated identity and access management company Okta, stealing sensitive information from nearly 200 customers. Shockingly, the breach originated within the customer service department. Okta isn’t alone. Companies like Discord and MailChimp have faced similar attacks through customer support channels. While customer service plays a vital role, it also acts as a gateway to a vast amount of sensitive user data (Security Week). This is making the idea of AI Agents in Telecommunications seem like a bad idea for consumers.

The Rise of AI in Customer Service and Growing Privacy Concerns | AI Agents in Telecommunications

As AI enters the customer service arena, the data landscape is becoming even richer. While this promises benefits for businesses, it raises new concerns for consumers. A recent survey revealed that nearly 82% of consumers are worried about AI customer service potentially compromising their online privacy (CDP).

Consumers are Waking Up to Data Privacy

The tide is turning. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how their data is collected and used. A recent survey found that 86% of Americans prioritize data privacy over the state of the economy. Additionally, only 51% of consumers feel informed about how their data is used, and a growing number are taking action to protect it. (Insights.PCH)

The rise of data management services like DeleteMe and Incogni exemplifies this shift. These services help consumers monitor and remove their personal data from the internet. Consumers are also actively exercising their rights, opting out of data collection and requesting deletion of their data.

Can AI Be a Threat to Data Privacy?

Data security needs to be a top priority for every business, but customer service departments have a special responsibility due to their direct interaction with customers. Security experts warn that customer service can be an attractive target for hackers due to the potential access to a wealth of user information.

AI and the “Original Sin” of Data Scraping

AI’s reputation regarding ethical data practices is already tarnished. Many AI technologies were built on scraped data harvested from the internet, often without user consent. This widespread data scraping is considered by some to be the “original sin” of AI, raising concerns about data repurposing – using data beyond its originally intended purpose.

Repurposing Data: A Growing Concern

Even before AI, repurposing data was a privacy concern. The desire to utilize large language models (LLMs) in customer service has created a massive demand for data, fueling anxieties about repurposing for unintended uses. While companies often bury data usage rights in complex terms and conditions documents, consumers remain wary.

Beyond Repurposing: Additional Privacy Risks

Data privacy concerns extend beyond repurposing. AI presents risks like “data spilling,” where sensitive information is inadvertently or maliciously exposed. Additionally, consumers worry about data retention periods, as longer storage times increase the risk of data breaches.

De-anonymization: When Anonymity Isn’t Enough

Finally, re-identification and de-anonymization are major concerns. These processes involve identifying individuals from supposedly anonymized data. A recent Google study demonstrated how ChatGPT could be prompted to reveal personally identifiable information (PII) from its training data. This highlights the real risks of de-anonymization that privacy advocates and consumers share.

How DvSum Protects Your Data – No Compromises

At DvSum, we understand your concerns. That’s why our AI solutions are designed with data privacy as a top priority. Unlike traditional AI models that require sending your data to the cloud, DvSum’s solutions protect your data at all times.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Your data never leaves your network: DvSum extracts insights directly from your data within your own secure environment. This eliminates the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.
  • Privacy by Design: DvSum prioritizes data privacy from the ground up. Our solutions are built with robust security safeguards to protect your information.

Embrace AI with Confidence: Choose DvSum

The benefits of AI-powered customer service are undeniable. However, data privacy should never be compromised. DvSum’s innovative solutions empower businesses to leverage AI while ensuring customer data remains safe and secure.

Don’t compromise your data. Contact DvSum today and discover how our AI solutions can revolutionize your customer service while safeguarding your privacy.

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