Apply 2000-year-old Greek Mental Strategy on enterprise data

29 Apr, 2019 •

DvSum-Apply 2000-year-old Greek Mental Strategy on enterprise data

Exploring a useful strategy for Enterprise data analysis

The whole world rotates around the data, nowadays. Data generation and management is one of the main objectives to deal with. In an organization or business enterprise, a huge amount of data is generated. Various innovative strategies may be applied to this enterprise data to enhance the growth and development of the organization. So, an efficient data analysis strategy is the need for enterprise these days.

Data is nothing but a collection of numbers

For the representation of data usually, numbers are used. The same data can be interpreted in various ways, and tremendous information can be retrieved from it. For an enterprise fast and correct data analysis is necessary and lots of time and human resource is involved in this.

Modern concepts have their base in ancient philosophy

Innovation in thinking is the demand of the 21st century. Things need to be done differently to make them impactful in this large world. Although the advancement in technology has reached its peak, the mental strategies used are still the same that was used in ancient times. In ancient times Greeks were the one who raised concepts in every field of life.

What are these ancient 2000-year-old mental strategies?

Great Greek scientists and philosophers proposed various concepts and ideas. The importance of numbers or data was noticed far ago by ancient Greeks when Pythagoras stated that “Numbers are everything or Number rules the universe.” The followers of Pythagoras (Pythagoreans) think that everything can be seen in the numerical point of view. This belief in numbers is fundamental in the development of mathematics and modern data processing systems. Understanding the reasons for the problem is the first and foremost part of problem-solving. The Aristotle’s 2000-year-old first principle way of thinking emphasizes on understanding the fundamental principles of a subject or problem before going into the solution of it.

Data management is essential

Application of numerous strategies on enterprise data or numbers can generate a vast array of information. However, these numbers or data will be valueless if it is not appropriately managed. A small error in the management or processing of these numbers can reverse the results which will be harmful to the individual or enterprise. So, proper management and processing of data are essential for any company or enterprise to flourish.

DvSum’s DataPARC platform provides excellent solutions to data management problems

DvSum consultancy services realized the value of data and its proper management. Hence, it uses the most efficient strategy for enterprise data analysis. The DataPARC platform of DvSum provides a cloud-based data management platform which assures high data quality and success of your projects or business initiatives. As the drawbacks of bad data quality management are very much evident, companies spend a large share of money in the management and maintenance of data. Even after lots of efforts and care data management is still a problem and needs a reliable solution.

Various user-friendly interfaces are the highlights of DvSum platform

To address this issue DvSum platform is designed with business users in mind. Different user-friendly wizards and interfaces need clicks to set up, execute, fix and orchestrate the processes without any technical skill required. Giving the power to set up rules, workflow to the data owners help make the process more efficient, drive higher accountability and keeps the data management processes continually aligned to changing business requirements.

DvSum applied first-principles philosophy of Aristotle

Understanding the reasons or fundamentals of the problem is the first and foremost strategy to be used during enterprise data analysis. At DvSum all the requirements and queries of the customers are dealt with by the specialist so that an appropriate solution can be provided for the customer. The DvSum team first analyses the basics of the problem then proposes any solution for it. So, at DvSum “first-principle” of Aristotle is applied.

DvSum provides high-speed data processing at your place

DvSum has designed its system in such a way that latest and most accurate data is available instantly and universally accessible to all the authentic members of the enterprise. DvSum establishes all its set up at the customer’s place, so there is no need to transfer data anywhere. This strategy of enterprise data reduces the risk of data security while transferring. Not only the ease of use but the speed of data processing is also a critical factor in the growth and development of an enterprise, so DvSum provides high-speed data processing which reduces approximately 50% of human time spent on data management and collection.

Artificial intelligence is the need of today

Today the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen in every aspect of life. By the use of AI, the time and energy of human can be preserved which can be utilized in some other productive purpose. Besides this, the removal of human aspect reduces the chances of human error, and a large amount of money used for it can also be preserved. At DvSum all the possibilities of human error are removed, and soft wares and tools are designed to minimize the data processing time.

DvSum has done it at Coca-cola FEMSA

Coca-cola FEMSA is a franchise bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages worldwide. The Company and its subsidiaries are involved in the production, distribution, and marketing of certain Coca-Cola beverages in 9 different countries. So, data management with a focus on high-quality data is the primary requirement to manage such a large supply chain. The DvSum team handled the needs of FEMSA by providing it with higher data quality, faster new product setup and Standardized Efficient Global Data Management process. Read more Coca-Cola FEMSA Case Study..

Reliability and validity is the heart of any data management system

Reliability and validity are the two essential components of any data processing company because these two attributes decide the quality of data management and processing. DvSum takes excellent care of these two aspects of data processing and if it encounters an error in data during processing its autonomous detecting system immediately detects and fixes it so that only correct and authentic data is obtained from their data processing system.

DvSum, the followers of ancient Greek mental strategies

By following the 2000-year-old Greek mental strategies of “All is number” and “First-principle” by Pythagoras and Aristotle, respectively, DvSum can provide fast, reliable and cost-effective data processing and management services to its clients at their doorstep. So, the use of ancient Greek strategies on enterprise data is still not out-dated.

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