Choosing the Best GenAI Tool: Point Solution vs. Enterprise

12 Mar, 2024 •

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Generative AI (GenAI) is driving disruption, and executives are exploring how it will change the way we work as well as how it will drive value for the enterprise. But a key question is nagging them for selecting the best GenAI tool, for example, to drive the best self-service BI strategy: should I choose a point solution or an enterprise platform? 

As further background, this blog continues our prior discussions: 

1. Overcoming GenAI deployment pitfalls: data integration, accuracy and reliability of the data, user adoption, and data security. 

2.  Addressing security concerns, in more detail including: data security; data leakage including automatic PII data masking and filtering, single sign-on, and role-based access control (RBAC); adversarial attacks; model ownership and control; and regulatory requirements. 

What Are Your Goals, Budget, and Timeline? 

In a prior blog, we discussed determining your KPIs and tasks that you wish to prioritize. That’s the important framework to establish first as well as understanding where you currently stand. Then you need to map those goals and status to your budget and timeline. 

Point Solution Advantages and Disadvantages 

The primary advantage with a point-solution GenAI tool is that it satisfies an immediate pain and is custom-fit for a particular problem at hand. It’s ideally “plug-and-play” to the extent that it’s possible, i.e., just plug into data sources and the value-add GenAI capabilities are ready for you ‘out-of-the-box’ with no programming. The downside is that it may not be easily and efficiently expanded to cover other use cases. Additionally, it may be prohibitively expensive for a constrained use case.

Enterprise Platform Advantages and Disadvantages 

The primary advantage for an enterprise platform as a GenAI tool is that it can cover many different use cases in an efficient manner over the long-term, i.e., the coming years. It usually is designed to scale and certified for regulatory requirements. The downside is that it may require quite a bit of tailoring for every new use case, and that could represent both time and cost your team cannot afford. 

Does a GenAI Enterprise Platform Exist with the Benefits of a Point Solution? 

One can easily imagine the benefits of having the best of both worlds, i.e., an enterprise platform that requires little to no customization for a specific use case. That’s not too far from reality with GenAI. Remember the “point solution” for GenAI really comes down to the data. So it shouldn’t matter that your data is healthcare related or procurement related. The fact is they both require an underlying data catalog, they both require automated data quality capabilities, and they both benefit from GenAI technologies like those from OpenAI. 

An Example: Using GenAI to Gain Insights with Self-Service BI  

A great example of an enterprise platform that essentially includes point solution capabilities is DvSum. DvSum includes all the pieces to tailor a GenAI tools powerful capabilities to any domain, specifically for self-service Business Intelligence (BI): 

  • DvSum’s foundation includes Agile Data Quality (ADQ) and Agile Data Catalog (ADC). ADC organizes the meta data available to authorized users to make it easily accessible while ADQ ensures all the ADQ meets rigorous, automated quality rules. 
  • DvSum CADDI (“Conversational Analytics for Data Driven Insights”) allows any employee with proper authorization to find data and insights themselves with self-service BI by simply chatting with data in natural language.    

DvSum CADDI securely combines OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 with a powerful underlying data infrastructure – including data catalog, data governance, and data quality. Therefore, any authorized user can query data quickly, easily, and iteratively.   

With out-of-box connectors, it is set up and running with your live data within four weeks.   

DvSum’s patented architecture allows you to securely work with your existing data sources and systems. Data never leaves your network.   

Built on a strong data-foundation, the DvSum Data Insights platform also includes a data quality module that can help standardize and harmonize data to drive more accurate reporting and insights.   

DvSum CADDI understands the data landscape and automatically accesses multiple databases and systems to quickly provide an answer and the sources cited to confirm the reasoning behind the answers.
DvSum CADDI understands the data landscape and automatically accesses multiple databases and systems to quickly provide an answer and the sources cited to confirm the reasoning behind the answers. 


Choosing between an enterprise platform and point solution for a GenAI tool is an important decision, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other. Once the framework is established about goals, status, timing, and budget, then you need to weigh options of an enterprise platform versus a point solution. Ideally, you may be able to determine that an enterprise platform includes “point solution capabilities” out of the box. 

Contact us today to learn how DvSum can help you.   

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