From Data to Strategic Decisions: The Impact of DvSum and CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics

26 May, 2024 •

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DvSum and CADDI are thrilled to announce the latest advancements in the DvSum Data Intelligence Platform and the introduction of an entirely new suite of offerings from CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics. While our platform continues to enhance our customers’ ability to measure and strengthen their data culture and accelerate time to value, our expert services will help customers better plan and accelerate their data and AI initiatives.

Let’s dive into CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics, understand how these offerings amplify the value provided by the DvSum Data Intelligence Platform, and explore how they bolster your organization’s ability to make strategic decisions.

Elevating Data Culture Maturity

Successful organizations understand the power of data. The call to be “more data-driven” has been a longstanding mantra, and now we are in an era of heightened emphasis on leveraging data’s full potential. This is particularly true as AI and generative AI become more effective and reliant on trustworthy data.

But how can an organization enhance its data culture? A proven approach is by measuring it. You can start with our Data Culture Maturity Assessment to evaluate your current data culture maturity and pinpoint areas for improvement. From there, you can use the DvSum Data Culture Maturity Model to guide your efforts towards a more mature data culture.

Advancing data culture maturity involves more than just deploying a data intelligence platform. While technology lays the foundation, data culture maturity necessitates that users — people — can easily search for and discover the data they need. It also requires data governance to build trust, data literacy to enable users to extract more value from data, and data leadership to advocate the importance of data throughout the organization.

Bridging the gap between your data intelligence platform and your workforce involves the expertise, knowledge, and skills to understand your business challenges and goals. CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics brings this expertise to your internal teams, offering change management experience specific to data culture and helping deliver measurable returns on your data investments.

Introducing CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics

To maximize the value derived from data through a more mature data culture, we have structured CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics to harness the combined power of DvSum’s skilled experts and the DvSum Data Intelligence Platform, aligned with the four pillars of the DvSum Data Culture Maturity Model. These pillars are data search and discovery, data governance, data literacy, and data leadership.

Understanding the importance of data culture maturity involves recognizing how people use data. They need to find it, understand it, trust it, and confidently turn it into business value. This seemingly simple process involves numerous capabilities, connections, and trust. CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics is here to assist!

CADDI Right Start

Deploying a data intelligence platform is just the beginning. It must enable access to data, and users must find success in utilizing it. This is where the data search and discovery pillar of data culture maturity comes into play. If people can’t find data, the initiative fails.

CADDI Right Start helps you build a strategic plan to roll out and ensure the success of your data intelligence platform. The team collaborates with you to establish data catalog curation and management processes, ensuring accessible data. This solid foundation launches your data intelligence program and enhances data culture maturity.

The CADDI Right Start team conducts interviews with business users to understand and prioritize their desired outcomes, helps identify and document data assets, develops data usage best practices, identifies activity metrics, and more. They also work closely with your internal teams to transfer knowledge, guide activities, and empower self-sufficiency.

CADDI Advance

After initial deployment and adoption, it’s time to explore additional use cases. CADDI Advance guides you to elevate your data culture to the next level.

Combining a Data Culture Maturity Model (DCMM) update with a comprehensive review of your DvSum deployment, CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics identifies key wins and opportunities. Through user surveys and interviews, CADDI identifies business needs, specific initiatives, and desired outcomes, documenting all findings, recommendations, and next steps in a report for in-depth review and feedback with key stakeholders.

After aligning on focus areas, CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics partners with your team to unlock additional business value through configuration, user enablement, support for curation, and guided change management best practices. CADDI Advance builds upon initial successes to ensure continued growth through the DvSum Data Culture Maturity Model.

CADDI Customer Engagement Managers

Once a data intelligence platform is deployed, maintaining momentum is crucial. Progress in data search and discovery should continue by adding more data assets, expanding data documentation, building training and coaching resources, and more. These efforts are necessary to advance data literacy and governance.

CADDI Customer Engagement Managers are dedicated experts in best practices and adoption. They understand what it takes to mature and improve data literacy and data governance to achieve business outcomes. They push for progress and keep your data teams focused on the data maturity model aligned with your business goals.

For data literacy maturity, Customer Engagement Managers support ongoing documentation of data assets and access requirements, developing use cases based on strategic initiatives and user surveys, identifying training needs and feedback loops, designing and implementing communications plans, and more. They also guide the creation of a data governance framework, identifying and recruiting subject matter experts, developing policy creation and approval processes, and assisting with other governance efforts.

CADDI Technical Account Managers

Driving a data culture requires a powerful data intelligence platform like DvSum. Managing, maintaining, and continually expanding the use of the platform requires skilled application owners aligned closely with business counterparts. To continually advance a data culture and organization-wide data discovery, customers iteratively enable advanced technical solutions and use cases.

CADDI Technical Account Managers (TAMs) specialize in data intelligence solutions, ensuring seamless customer experiences. They understand the unique needs of clients, acting as a bridge between business users and technical teams, translating requirements into actionable plans. As experts on customer environments and the DvSum data intelligence platform, TAMs optimize data catalog solutions, offering guidance on technical best practices and continually enabling catalog owners, deriving additional value from your DvSum investment.

Regular check-ins, performance reviews, and proactive communication are integral parts of the TAM’s responsibilities, fostering long-term relationships and ensuring that the data catalog continues to meet evolving business needs. The TAM is not only a technical expert but also a trusted partner dedicated to maximizing the value and efficiency of the data intelligence platform for each customer.

CADDI Forward Deployed Engineering

As a data culture matures, it’s critical to enlist leaders to evangelize and emphasize the importance of a data culture. As more leaders place greater emphasis on the value data can deliver, the snowball effect takes over, integrating the data culture into the organization’s fabric. This process involves specific, value-leading use cases, custom applications, and highly visible demonstrations of data’s power.

CADDI Forward Deployed Engineering (FDE) is a customer-centric engineering organization that builds custom solutions for the DvSum Data Intelligence Platform to unlock new use cases. It puts engineering resources closer to the customer’s unique needs, resulting in more customized and value-driven solutions.

FDE puts additional connectors to work, enables the discovery of more data sources and assets, and develops governance workflows. DvSum natively connects to over 100 data sources and maintains extensive, open APIs. FDE leverages its extensive domain expertise to expand these capabilities to even more sources and API integrations.

CADDI Mission Critical Support

CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics puts you on a direct path to value realization mode, where you can maximize the benefits gained from the DvSum Data Intelligence Platform. It’s momentum you don’t want to hinder with process or technical hiccups.

CADDI Mission Critical Support is an enhanced customer support tier that provides a designated technical support resource with accelerated response times for technical questions, issues, or blockers with the DvSum application, connectors, upgrades, and more. It connects you with experts swiftly to identify and deploy a solution before any challenge impacts data-driven business value — up to 33% faster.

The goal is to keep your data culture, data intelligence platform, and data program investments returning real and consistent value to the organization. If an issue arises, CADDI Mission Critical Support will work quickly to resolve it.

Realize Maximum Value with the Guidance of CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics

We work with hundreds of new organizations every month and hundreds more entities across our customers. This combined experience enabled us to develop the industry-proven Data Culture Maturity Model to guide your organization’s data culture maturity and advancement.

Now, CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics is here to help as you plan, prioritize, and accelerate data initiatives and strengthen your data culture. From data intelligence platform implementation to long-term strategic planning to continuous data culture maturity improvements, CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics empowers your organization to maximize the value of your data investments.

Enhancing your organization’s data culture maturity is a continuous process that adapts to shifting priorities and objectives. Discover how CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics can empower your organization to harness data more effectively, driving increased business value through strategic decisions.

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