The Evolution of Data Literacy: Empowering Enterprises with DvSum

27 May, 2024 •

Thirty years ago, data literacy was different. Companies aimed to centralize all their enterprise data to create a “single source of truth.” At that time, IT departments maintained strict control over data, sharing insights selectively. However, the landscape has evolved significantly. With the emergence of big data and the push for data democratization, enterprises are now striving to make data accessible to a broader audience. This shift brings up a vital question: Is your workforce equipped with the necessary data literacy skills?

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Understanding Data Literacy

Just like traditional literacy, data literacy is the ability to read, understand, work with, and analyze data. Jennifer Belissent, a principal analyst at Forrester, emphasizes the critical role of data literacy in building a data-driven enterprise.

Data literacy is not just about technology or tools, though they can certainly aid the process. It’s about equipping people with the skills to use data effectively. In today’s business environment, everyone from the C-suite to entry-level employees needs to be data literate.

The Data Literacy Gap

Belissent’s research highlights a significant gap between being a data-driven organization and achieving data literacy. Her report, based on a survey of over 3,000 respondents worldwide, reveals that while “90 percent of global data and analytics decision-makers prioritize increasing the use of data insights in business decision-making, 91 percent find it challenging to improve the use of data insights effectively.” So, how can organizations bridge this gap?

Implementing Data Literacy Programs with DvSum

Many companies are now realizing the need to implement robust data literacy programs. By making it easier to capture and share knowledge about data, DvSum is a vital part of the data literacy journey for many enterprises. With DvSum’s data cataloging solutions, organizations can create a single source of reference that everyone in the company can access and understand.

Case Study: American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance is a prime example of successful data literacy implementation. The company won the prestigious Digital Leadership Award from Ventana Research for its data literacy efforts, where DvSum played a significant role. As part of a three-year digital transformation strategy, American Family initiated people transformation programs to teach users how to leverage the cloud and empower them to make data-driven decisions.

Peter Settel, CTO of American Family, stated in an interview with Forbes, “Data and digital transformation is not foremost about cloud or technology, but about people and how we create the citizen data analyst across the whole enterprise.”

Using the DvSum Data Catalog, American Family changed users’ data habits, delivering high-quality data enriched with business metadata. They consolidated data knowledge silos across the business into a centralized, dynamic single source of reference. American Family’s data literacy program continues to expand and aims to include all 12,000 employees.

Building a Data-Literate Organization with DvSum

To close the data literacy gap, enterprises need to invest in comprehensive data literacy programs. These programs should focus on:

  1. Education and Training
    • Equip employees with the skills to understand and utilize data effectively.
  2. Accessible Data Resources
    • Use data catalogs like DvSum to create a centralized repository of data knowledge.
  3. Continuous Improvement
    • Regularly update and refine data literacy initiatives to keep pace with evolving business needs.

By adopting these practices, enterprises can foster a data-literate workforce, driving better decision-making and ultimately achieving greater business success.

Start Your Data Literacy Journey with DvSum

Begin by assessing your organization’s data literacy. Utilize DvSum’s data cataloging solutions to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to harness the full potential of your data. Enhance your data-driven culture today with DvSum.

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