Maximizing Business Intelligence Synergy: How DvSum CADDI Self-Service Analytics Elevates BI Tools

26 Mar, 2024 •

Self-Service Analytics Complement Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

In the fast-paced world of business intelligence (BI), staying ahead of the curve is imperative for organizations striving for success. Enter DvSum CADDI Self-Service Analytics, a revolutionary tool designed to complement traditional BI systems seamlessly. In this blog post, we delve into the symbiotic relationship between DvSum CADDI and BI tools, exploring how they work in harmony to drive data-driven decision-making to new heights.

Business Intelligence Tools 

Terminologies have evolved over the years for BI tools. They were originally referred to as “decision support systems (DSS)” and then “reporting and analysis tools.” Then the term “business intelligence” became the de facto standard in the late 1990s. With the popularity of advanced analytics (like SAS and R), a broader term, “analytics,” is now commonly used too synonymously with BI.  

Whatever the term, BI tools have been the standard interface for decades to gain insights into corporate data. Those vendors include pioneers like MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects, and IBM Cognos. Modern players include Microsoft PowerBI, Domo, Salesforce Tableau, Google Looker, and Qlik. 

BI Tools all generally have common characteristics. They use a drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI) for report design and slice-and-dice analysis. Crucially, that interface must be set up by technical experts who understand the underlying physical structures of the databases as well as the data’s business meaning.  

BI reports and dashboards have for decades served as the foundation of information systems for organizations across the globe. There’s been just one big problem: non-technical users rely on the technical teams to create and edit any updates needed to answer new questions. And new questions come often in our fast-paced world. 

That means that while BI tools are valuable for what they provide with reports and dashboards for running standard operations, they can only go so far. The continual technical setup requirements mean that they can serve perhaps at best only 80% of corporate users’ requirements. Often business decisions are delayed awaiting new insights from the technical teams building new reports for the latest questions. Non-technical employees can’t simply get the answers themselves. 

That’s the so-called “last mile of BI” problem. As business continues to accelerate, that’s become an Achille’s heel to gaining competitive advantage. All employees need to be able to have immediate access to their authorized data and answer questions quickly, easily, and iteratively.  

DvSum CADDI: Self-Service Analytics, with Chat Interface Powered by GenAI 

DvSum CADDI (“Conversational Analytics for Data Driven Insights”) is self-service analytics with a chat interface powered by GenAI. CADDI is easy, secure, and comprehensive.  


CADDI allows any employee with proper authorization to find data and insights themselves with self-service BI by simply chatting with data in natural language. With out-of-box connectors, it is set up and running with your live data within four weeks.   

DvSum combines OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 with a powerful underlying data infrastructure – including data catalog, data governance, and data quality. Therefore, any authorized user can query data quickly, easily, and iteratively.   


DvSum’s patented architecture allows you to securely work with your existing data sources and systems. Data never leaves your network.   


CADDI can chat with nearly any data, whether structured or unstructured, and whether on-premises or in the cloud.  

Built on a strong data-foundation, the DvSum Data Insights platform also includes a data quality module that can help standardize and harmonize data to drive more accurate reporting and insights.


DvSum CADDI understands your data landscape and quickly provides answers to your questions posed in natural language. 

Summary: DvSum CADDI and BI Tools 

Comparing DvSum CADDI with BI Tools 

 BI Tools DvSum CADDI 
Main strength Foundational insights for core operations (e.g., reports, dashboards)  Last-mile BI, i.e., make insights accessible to any authorized user 
User interface Graphical GenAI-powered Chat 
Setup Initially weeks to months, and then ongoing for new reports and analysis One time, <4 weeks setup. 
Self-service: how are ad hoc queries performed? Users need to receive at least some training on how to use the tool and can then ask questions confined to that context. Usually, questions pop up out of that context so the technical users must update existing or create new technical artifacts.  Any authorized user can query in natural language, just as one would ask a question normally. 
How is iterative analysis performed? Often, deep or tangential questions are not covered in a report or analysis cube. Simply ask questions on the same topic in a continual fashion or pivot to a different topic and iterate. 
Where is data secured? Data is often centralized either to an on-premises or cloud location like a SaaS data warehouse or data lake.  Data never leaves the customer’s network. 
Typical % of employees who can be power users 1-10% 100% 
Typical average % of employees who can use the tool effectively 25-80% 80-100% 

DvSum CADDI complements BI tools by solving the last-mile of BI challenge 


DvSum CADDI complements your existing BI investments and lets you close the last-mile gap in BI. Harnessing the power of GenAI, DvSum CADDI empowers any employee to become more autonomous and productive with self-service analytics to achieve “in-the-moment” and iterative analysis. Contact us today to learn how DvSum CADDI can help you.   

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