Revolutionizing Telecom Customer Support with DvSuM CADDI: An AI-Powered Intelligent Contact Center

5 Jun, 2024 •

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The telecommunications industry is undergoing a transformative shift driven by the increasing demand for seamless connectivity and exceptional customer experiences. Telcos face the challenge of delivering efficient and effective customer support, especially in Tier-2 support, which deals with complex issues related to service quality and performance. Intelligent contact centers powered by AI, such as CADDI, are emerging as game-changers, enabling telcos to reduce costly truck rolls and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Need for Intelligent Troubleshooting in Reducing Truck Rolls

Tier-2 support plays a crucial role in addressing customer complaints and resolving service-related problems. Agents at this level must navigate a complex decision tree across multiple systems, including CRM, device provisioning, network telemetry, and modem telemetry, to determine the root cause of issues. This manual process is time-consuming, error-prone, and puts immense pressure on agents to deliver swift resolutions, often leading to unnecessary truck rolls and modem replacements, even when no fault is found (NFF). In the US, an estimated 25% of truck rolls are NFF, with 60-70% of modem replacements resulting in no issue identified, costing around $600 per NFF trip. This is where an intelligent contact center solution can make a significant impact.

DvSum’s CADDI: The Intelligent Contact Center Solution

DvSum’s CADDI is a *groundbreaking Customer Service Co-Pilot* that revolutionizes Tier-2 support. This intelligent contact center solution leverages AI to assist agents in automatically analyzing live data across multiple systems, enabling them to identify the root cause of customer problems with unparalleled speed and accuracy, thereby minimizing unnecessary truck rolls.

Key Features and Differentiation of CADDI Intelligent Contact Center

1. Live Data Integration: CADDI’s unique value lies in its ability to query live data across on-premise hosted and cloud data lakes and applications through APIs, providing agents with up-to-date information in real-time.

2. Out-of-the-Box Integration: CADDI seamlessly integrates with industry-leading network performance platforms like Commscope ServAssureNXT, enhancing its troubleshooting capabilities.

3. Industry Knowledge and Algorithms: CADDI comes equipped with out-of-the-box industry knowledge and advanced algorithms specifically designed for analyzing network and equipment performance, providing accurate and contextual insights.

Reducing Truck Rolls and Improving Efficiency with CADDI Intelligent Contact Center

By implementing the CADDI Intelligent Contact Center, telcos can realize significant benefits:

1. Cost Savings: CADDI helps reduce unnecessary truck rolls and equipment replacements when no fault is found, saving an estimated $600 per avoided NFF truck roll.

2. Efficiency Gains: With CADDI’s AI-powered troubleshooting, Tier-2 support teams can experience a radical improvement in efficiency, resolving customer issues faster and handling more cases.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: By enabling swift and effective problem resolution, CADDI significantly improves the customer experience, reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and minimizing service disruptions.


DvSum’s CADDI intelligent contact center solution is a game-changer in telecom customer support. By harnessing AI and live data integration, CADDI empowers Tier-2 support teams to deliver exceptional troubleshooting capabilities while reducing costly truck rolls. As the telecommunications industry evolves, intelligent contact center solutions like CADDI will be instrumental in driving customer satisfaction and business success by minimizing unnecessary truck rolls and improving overall efficiency.

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