Ensure Data Quality. Ensure Project Success.

22 Feb, 2018 •

DvSum- Ensure Data Quality. Ensure Project Success.

The Story of Ron’s Project

Whether you manage a line of business or IT business applications in a company, data quality has a direct impact on your business performance. Take Ron for instance. Ron is a project manager at the Acme Company. Lack of good and complete data is preventing Ron’s project from effectively designing and testing the new IT solution. The project is running behind schedule and is facing budget over-runs. How can Ron mitigate project risks rising from data readiness and ensure project success? This is where DvSum’s DataPARC comes to the rescue.

What is DataPARC?

DvSum assists businesses in improving data quality with its cloud-based data quality solution called DataPARC. DataPARC stands for Data Profiling, Auditing, Reviewing, and Compliance. PARC is DvSum’s methodology for effective data quality management. DataPARC uses DvSum’s patented technology that allows it to work with any data in any data source, anywhere in the enterprise, all in real-time. Data is processed in the host environment which gives extreme scalability in processing 100 or 100 million records.

How Does DataPARC Help Ron’s Project?

With DataPARC,’s unique visual data exploration technology, Ron’s project team gets a single “Google” type search capability of all data and data flows on the project. With rich DQ rule templates, project teams can automate data visualization and data integration checks with one click. With its smart analysis engine, data owners can drill-down into exceptions and identify specific areas of focus. With built-in governance workflows, Ron can track the overall health of data for his project and proactively monitor and identify risk areas that may impact his project.

With DataPARC, Ron can assure data quality, mitigate project risks, boost productivity, and save money.

Want Immediate Results?

Not only can DvSum be set up and analyzing live data within a day. We also offer professional services to assist you in implementing and operating your data quality process. Our trained and experienced team will evaluate your business processes and data flows, baseline data quality, migrate any existing DQ rules to DataPARC, and conduct training with real data. On an on-going basis, they will conduct data quality audits, analyze failures, evaluate trends, and recommend an improvement action plan.

The Bottom Line

There are other DQ solutions in the market. However, unlike DvSum, none of them combine the benefits of a rich business application with the simplicity of the Cloud. With DataPARC, there is no software to buy, install, or maintain. With intelligent automatic configuration, you can setup DataPARC in a matter of hours. No investment + Fast Setup = Higher and Quicker ROI.

“PARC” your data with DvSum. Get in touch with our team today for a live demonstration and inquire about a free Pilot.

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