Everything You Need To Know about DvSum CADDI: A Comparative Analysis Of Self-Service Analytics Chat Interfaces

2 Apr, 2024 •

Self-Service Analytics

DvSum CADDI provides self-service analytics through an AI-driven conversational interface. With its natural language processing capabilities, authorized users can effortlessly extract valuable insights by asking questions in plain language. In our earlier discussion, we explored the comparison between DvSum CADDI and traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Now, let’s delve into how CADDI stacks up against other conversational interfaces in the realm of analytics.

Other Conversational Interfaces 

Other conversational interfaces tend to fall into two main buckets: 

  • Start-ups, with narrow scope: These are immature and not targeted for last-mile BI use, i.e., easy general purpose approach to gain insights for any user no matter the technical skills. For example, they may be limited in scope, e.g., designed for querying a single data source technology. Another category is focused only on developers to accelerate data engineering work, e.g., to work with Python. 
  • More mature, yet lacking metadata facilities for effective data governance: These solutions aim to fulfill last-mile BI requirements. However, they tend to have very limited metadata, e.g., a very simplistic semantic layer, and they require interfaces with third-party data catalogs in order to gain metadata for effective data governance. This lack of powerful metadata facilities is an Achille’s heel as elaborated in the next section. 

DvSum CADDI: Self-Service Analytics, Chat Interface Powered by GenAI 

DvSum CADDI (“Conversational Analytics for Data Driven Insights”) is self-service analytics with a chat interface powered by GenAI. CADDI is easy, secure, and comprehensive.  


CADDI allows any employee with proper authorization to find data and insights themselves with self-service BI by simply chatting with data in natural language. With out-of-box connectors, it is set up and running with your live data within four weeks.   

DvSum combines OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 with a powerful underlying data infrastructure – including data catalog, data governance, and data quality. Therefore, any authorized user can query data quickly, easily, and iteratively.   


DvSum’s patented architecture allows you to securely work with your existing data sources and systems. Data never leaves your network.   


CADDI can chat with nearly any data, whether structured or unstructured, and whether on-premises or in the cloud.  

Built on a strong data-foundation, the DvSum Data Insights platform also includes a data quality module that can help standardize and harmonize data to drive more accurate reporting and insights.   

dvsum data insights platform
DvSum CADDI understands your data landscape and quickly provides answers to your questions posed in natural language. 

With respect to the more mature alternatives, DvSum overcomes their fundamental flaws in a couple key areas: 

  • Metadata: There is a market convergence in using the RAG architecture to dynamically feed context to use LLM to query enterprise data. This dynamic context is the relevant metadata of the data sources. In the BI parlance this is the semantic layer, and every BI tool requires creating a semantic layer by and with technical teams such as the data architects, DBAs, and Data Teams. DvSum removes that friction by providing an auto-generated semantic layer and one platform for both metadata management and use for LLM.  
  • Data Privacy Compliance: the DvSum platform has built-in data privacy controls to ensure sensitive data residing in the data source is not accessible by users. This allows them to enable data through chat without requiring heavy dependency on IT and data teams to custom build controls on data to control what data can or cannot be enabled for chat. 

Summary: DvSum CADDI vs. Other Conversational Interfaces for Analytics 

Comparing DvSum CADDI with BI Tools 

 Other Conversational Interfaces DvSum CADDI 
 Last-mile BI capabilities Start-ups More Mature  Conversational interface built on data intelligence platform with integrated data catalog and data quality 
Limited in scope (query single technology) or audience (e.g., developer audience) Very simplistic metadata. More comprehensive metadata requires 3rd party interfaces. 
Metadata management Little   Robust data catalog empowering strong data governance 
Where is data secured? Data is often centralized either to an on-premises or cloud location like a SaaS data warehouse or data lake.   Data never leaves the customer’s network. 
Setup and maintenance effort Heavy IT / data management team involvement. Months to deploy to Production and heavy to maintain. Setup to production within 4 weeks.  
DvSum CADDI provides much stronger metadata management versus other approaches, enabling effective data governance 


DvSum CADDI includes powerful data catalog and data quality capabilities that give you strong governance as you close the last-mile gap in BI. Harnessing the power of GenAI, DvSum CADDI empowers any employee to become more autonomous and productive with self-service analytics to achieve “in-the-moment” and iterative analysis. Contact us today to learn how DvSum CADDI can help you.   

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