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Data Catalog vs Metadata Management: 5 Strategies for Effective Metadata Management

The big data revolution has unleashed a torrent of information. Companies are generating data at an unprecedented rate, capturing customer interactions, sensor readings, financial transactions,…

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Role of Data Catalog in Data Security: How DvSum is Staying Ahead in 2024

Cybercrime is on the rise, with hackers attacking every 39 seconds on average. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, facing an average loss of $200,000 per…

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4 Ways Data Catalogs Drive Intelligent Discovery and Faster Insights in the Age of Big Data

Let’s talk Data Catalogs. In the ever-growing information age, businesses are buried under an avalanche of data. From customer purchases and social media buzz to…

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Telecom AI: The Future of Telecom with AI Chat Bots

In telecommunications, providing exceptional customer support is key to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for subscribers. Efficiently addressing customer issues is crucial for maintaining…

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Curate Data and Data Cataloging in Telecommunications

Telecommunication teams and executives have pressing questions, and the answers are often locked away in their operational systems. DvSum empowers telecommunications teams to curate data…

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