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Big Data Quality, a landmine or spring-board for your Digital Supply Chain initiatives?

Global Pandemic has become a catalyst for companies to revisit their global supply chain strategy and accelerate adoption of Digital Supply Networks (DSNs). Effective DSNs rely on data to be accessible, of high quality, and relevant. Read how Data Catalogs and Data Quality drive success for Digital Supply Network initiatives.

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Is there 20% excess inventory hidden in your data?

Data quality is the secret ingredient that makes inventory optimization efforts truly effective. Want to reduce inventory levels? Start with DQ.

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How bad Data is hurting your E-Commerce Business

…in ways you do not know.

Ok, so you run an e-commerce business! great! Experts predict that e-commerce retail sales in the US will hit over $560.7 billion in 2019, up from $446.8…

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Why your investment in BI won’t pay off!

… until you get your Data-Quality right!

So what the heck is Data-Quality? Let’s imagine you are Joe!  Joe is the CIO of a large enterprise that is planning to invest in…

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Burning Concerns of Clean Water Crisis can be solved with Enterprise Data Tools

Global Scenario of Water Crisis The worldwide demand for water has been increasing at a rate of around 1% per annum over the past decades…

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