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Add Intelligence to your Marketing Automation

There has been a revolution in the digital marketing space, thanks to marketing automation. Marketers have become way more productive, successful and efficient with the…

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Top 50 Problems Caused by Poor Data Quality

For any company, data is considered to be the most important asset; not working on the maintenance of data leads to loss not just in…

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Embedding data quality checks in your batch workflows to improve stability, quality and meeting SLAs

Improve the Data Portal of an Organization by Entrenching Data Quality Checks with Batch Workflow A Workflow is a pack of multiple duties connected with…

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Data quality trumps data governance

As surprising as it may seem, despite the enhanced focus by top corporate boards on the importance of Big data analytics to determine key business…

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Apply 2000-year-old Greek Mental Strategy on enterprise data

Exploring a useful strategy for Enterprise data analysis The whole world rotates around the data, nowadays. Data generation and management is one of the main…

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