[PRESS RELEASE] DvSum Brings the Power of ChatGPT to Snowflake Customers 

11 Sep, 2023 •

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Adds reliability and security to GPT-4, an automated data insights platform that includes data catalog, data quality, and data observability 

Sept. 11, 2023, Sunnyvale, Calif. – DvSum today announced its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to empower joint customers with self-service analytics via DvSum CADDI, a chat interface for enterprise data. 

Introducing CADDI 

DvSum Conversational Analytics for Data-Driven Insights (CADDI) is self-service analytics via AI-powered chat. CADDI empowers users to achieve “in-the-moment, iterative analysis.” CADDI lets users easily find, understand, and interact with data, without BI skills and in-depth knowledge of the data.  

With CADDI, everyone has the power of self-service analytics by asking questions in natural language to their data. Under the hood, DvSum provides meaning and structure with its automated data catalog and reliable data with business-rules-driven data quality. DvSum is able to serve the non-technical staff as well as technical Snowflake users. By providing easy access to meaningful, reliable data, CADDI empowers data democratization to foster a data-driven culture. 

Importantly, CADDI continuously learns from the questions asked which means that it becomes increasingly better at interpreting exactly what is meant by a question and thus delivering increasingly better answers, along with cited sources. 

Bringing the power of CADDI to Snowflake: In-the-moment iterative analysis, by chatting with your Snowflake data.  

DvSum’s chat interface allows users to interact with their data using natural language queries. Instead of writing complex code or queries, users can simply ask questions in plain English or another language. This simplifies the data exploration process and makes it more accessible to users without advanced technical skills. Receive instant insights, summary statistics, or visualizations based on their data queries. This empowers users to make informed decisions in real time, without the need for lengthy analysis or waiting for reports to be generated. 

How CADDI differs from other self-service analytics approaches 

CADDI is different from both traditional self-service analytics approaches as well as other ‘natural language’ approaches because it empowers fast, iterative “in-the-moment analysis” without business intelligence (BI), IT, or data skills, and even without knowing the data landscape at all. 

Self-service analytics has traditionally had a couple of main approaches: 

  • Business Intelligence and visualization tools: Traditional BI tools require SQL or some technical skills. CADDI just uses natural language and is powered by the world’s fastest-growing AI tech, GPT-4. SQL or other technical skills are not required. CADDI understands how you might ask a question.  
  • Natural language tools: These tools typically require learning a ‘SQL-like’ language and are very limited in what questions can be asked. You don’t have to ask in a constrained way such as “Sort Product Name by Sum of Sales and Date = 4Q22 – 1Q23”. Just ask “Which products had the most revenue in the past two quarters?” 

CADDI makes it easy to interface with your data, without technical knowledge. Simply “chatting” with data is easier than even a manual drag-and-drop graphical interface. And CADDI uses the power of GPT-4. Additionally, CADDI’s “secret sauce” is the underlying data infrastructure it provides. DvSum’s machine-learning powered data catalog automatically organizes and classifies all enterprise data, providing the critical bridge between GPT-4’s understanding of the world and DvSum’s understanding of a user’s enterprise metadata. Additionally, DvSum’s built-in data quality guarantees reliable data with automated business rules. Therefore, all data is organized and can be trusted thanks to data quality rules monitoring the data. 

Non-invasive, “Day-One” value 

Importantly, DvSum CADDI requires no heavy upfront training or changes to the existing environment in terms of compliance and security, deployment, or infrastructure changes. The product does not impact existing corporate compliance, governance, or security measures. No training is required for either the users or the product. The product requires no changes or additions to the existing corporate infrastructure. 

CADDI Security Features  

  • Industry-accepted best practices and frameworks: DvSum is SOC2 compliant, and its security approach focuses on security governance, risk management, and compliance. This includes encryption at rest and in transit, network security and server hardening, administrative access control, system monitoring, logging and alerting, and more. 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Customers using a Single Sign-on for user access (like Azure ADFS, Okta or any SAML supported Provider), can configure DvSum to use the same Identity Provider. If customers do not use SSO, DvSum can manage user authentication powered by AWS Cognito. 
  • Your data never leaves your network: With DvSum, the data scanning happens inside a customer’s network and only metadata is sent outside the network to DvSum Cloud.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC): Allow for the separation of privileges by user role. Built-in Admin, Editor, User roles. Create specific roles and user groups to create finer control of your data intelligence platform.
  • Automatic PII data masking and filtering to maintain GDPR, HIPAA, and other data privacy compliances: DvSum only harvests metadata from customer data sources. DvSum uses PII identification and masking algorithms when scanning data to ensure that customer data is not extracted in the data catalog.  

Learn more 

Contact the DvSum team to request a demo and an early-access evaluation environment. Get the DvSum CADDI for Snowflake data sheet. Read our blogs and white paper about overcoming the challenges of “do it yourself” with ChatGPT and GPT-4 for self-service analytics.  

About DvSum 

DvSum makes it effortless for everyone in your organization to discover, understand, and trust data, to extract reliable insights. Simply by chatting with the data. DvSum’s “secret sauce” is marrying AI-powered chat with an automated data infrastructure that organizes data into a unified data catalog and constantly ensures high data quality. You achieve value on Day 1 with zero footprint and little to no training. Ultimately, that means you achieve instant insights and trusted results. Drive data democracy and empower a data-driven culture with DvSum! Contact us at www.dvsum.ai 

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