Coca-Cola FEMSA: improves supply chain optimization with higher data quality

In 2016, FEMSA embarked on a journey to transform their supply chain to bring better optimization, planning, execution and standardizing global supply chain operations. As part of this transformation, FEMSA undertook implementation of Blue Yonder Supply Chain Solutions suite covering strategic, tactical and operational planning tools and integration to their in-house multiple instances of SAP ERP.


Coca Cola FEMSA is a franchise bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages across the world. The Company and its subsidiaries are engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of certain Coca-Cola beverages. The company’s segments operate in
Central America, South America and Asia Division and covers Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Brazil and Philippines. The Company has over 40 bottling plants and operates approximately 280 distribution

DvSum-Coca Cola FEMSA


With a large global supply chain program covering 9 countries and a time-line of 2 years, it was a massive undertaking and the leadership team at FEMSA wanted to make sure all the right enablers were in place to make the project execute on time and start delivering ROI. Data Management with focus on Data Quality was identified as a critical success factor to ensure on-time execution of project execution, achieve high quality
results from supply chain.

At the beginning of the project, FEMSA had local data management staff, no tools and no defined processes across countries. In addition, no one was sure the readiness of
data in SAP to meet the data required to use Blue Yonder solutions.


DvSum got introduced to FEMSA through Blue Yonder (aka JDA) which sees DvSum as their Data Management partner on projects. Once FEMSA evaluated DvSum capabilities of the platform and its enablement capability, they saw it as a natural fit for data management at FEMSA. The Data Management team loved the fact that it had a simple, intuitive, self-service interface and allowed them to manage data from SAP, Blue Yonder Cloud and off-line data in one place.

The leadership team loved the Software-as-a-Service approach with rapid setup, attractive cost model and no requirement for infrastructure. Corporate IT liked that its architecture and processes complied with security policies and requirements.

✔ Flexible, Powerful Rules Engine

FEMSA was able to model not the only the basic rules of data completeness and integrity but also business logic rules and supply chain network completeness rules. The Custom Query interface rule allowed for modeling very complex business validation and accuracy rules. After creating the rules for one division, global template rules were easily cloned for other divisions.

✔ Fast, Simple Process Flows

With its ability to connect to production data sources, as well as ability to ingest flat files, the process for data stewards is very simple. They upload the data every morning, click a button to run all their assigned rules. And then spend the morning fixing exceptions. They can consistently deliver 100% accurate data to planning every 24 hours.

✔ Harmonization of data in multiple Clouds

With DvSum connector running on FEMSA Cloud and in the Blue Yonder Cloud, FEMSA is fully exploiting the power of DvSum to be able to validate data across the clouds in real-time, enabling zero latency and extreme agility and responsiveness.

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Business value delivered

Higher Data Quality for better supply chain execution
Before DvSum, FEMSA data quality was between 70 – 75%. With DvSum, FEMSA is able to consistently maintain greater than 90% data readiness across all their supply chain data worldwide.

Faster New Product Setup for achieving on-time Seasonal Campaigns
With standardized workflows, Data management can deliver new product setups, Bill of Material changes, Transportation setup in shorter time-frame with higher accuracy that allows for building and selling seasonal products on-time.

Standardized Efficient Global Data Management process

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Unlock the full potential of your data with DvSum

  • Create a unified view of your entire data landscape on Day 1
  • Streamline data governance with automatic data classification and enrichment
  • Improve data accuracy with integrated data quality and cleansing
  • Empower business users to get data insights with no-code self-service data exploration