Unlocking Business Value with Master Data Governance: How MH Alshaya Implemented DvSum to Streamline Operations and Improve Data Quality


MH Alshaya, a franchisee retailer with over 6 billion in revenue, operates over 4000 stores globally under 90 different brands. The company had two specific requirements related to master data management – creating new master data and validating data before updating their enterprise systems. The first requirement was for their retail fashion brand, which required manual data extraction from vendor spreadsheets and validation against specific business rules before entering into their enterprise product information master. The second requirement was similar, but for their food business unit, which had a multi-step, multi-department master data workflow to create, validate, enrich, and certify ingredient master data and then loading into their nutrition system to generate nutrition fact labels.

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The manual process of master data management resulted in inconsistent and untimely data creation and validation. This process caused delays in new product entry and poor data quality, which impacted operational transactions and required wasted effort to fix data after the fact. 




Alshaya implemented DvSum's Master Data Management capability to establish a systematic workflow process for information progress across multiple teams. DvSum's powerful rules modeling was used to model comprehensive data validation checks on raw data. The data preparation workbench allowed business users to quickly cleanse and enrich incomplete and bad data. Its robust integration capabilities allow for the automation of approved data load into enterprise systems.


Alshaya now has a robust systematic master data governance and master data management n place. The implementation of DvSum allowed for a reduction in new product setup time by 50% and an increase in initial data quality of entry from 78% to 95%. This improved operational efficiency and time to market for new products.

Master data governance is crucial for businesses to effectively manage and make decisions based on accurate data. Alshaya’s implementation of DvSum’s Master Data Management solution has improved their data quality, resulting in significant operational and business benefits. DvSum’s solution offers a streamlined approach to master data management, making it an effective solution for organizations looking to improve their data governance processes.

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