The Agile
Data Catalog

DvSum Agile Data Catalog (ADC) unleashes data agility, by making all data easily accessible, usable, and reliable.

Unleash your data agility!


Automated Catalog Curation

Sophisticated ML-driven algorithms, automatically catalog, classify, and curates data from all your databases, data lakes, BI Reports and applications. As a unified, actionable Data Catalog, harvests the metadata, profiles the data, classifies it on multiple characteristics, links it to other data and to your data domains.

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dvsum product business glossary business terms definition classification business rules

Business Glossary of data definitions & business rules

Upload your current list of data domains, business terms, definitions. Using its AI-enabled classification algorithms, DvSum will automatically link the physical data elements to the glossary terms and recommend enrichments to the business glossary.


Data Preparation Recommendations
for Analytics

Data is semantically tagged. Data relationships are inferred and ML algorithms generate cleansing recommendations. Data analysts and data scientists can quickly find the relevant data, understand its contents and quality and create their data cleansing recipe.

dvsum product smart data discovery reduce data preparation time building ai
dvsum product ai recommended data quality recommendations monitoring.png

Data Quality Rules
and Monitoring

Using a combination of anomaly detection and rule-based algorithms, DvSum automatically recommends the data quality rules. It can check for unexpected schema, quality, volume, and distribution of data.


An intuitive,
powerful interface

Search, explore, analyze data instantly, using universally familiar Google Search and Maps style interface. Data agility is unleashed at your users' fingertips and accessible from inside their Reports and data development tools

How does it work?



DvSum connects to your on-premise and Cloud data sources including Databases, Data Lakes, Reports, and Enterprise applications



It scans your data to extract metadata and uses ML to classify, link your data assets, and sets data quality rules



Users consume the Catalog from DvSum interface or directly from their favorite tools. Their usage and suggestions continously curates the Catalog.



DvSum continuously monitors your data and alerts on unexpected changes in data quality, volume, and distribution

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Unleash your data agility!


Reduce Data Preparation time
to scale BI and AI


Reduce time managing
Data Quality issues


Increase trust, usability, and compliance of Data

Dim the lights and see DvSum in action

Population Health Analytics – DvSum CADDI demo video

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Chat with your data – ChatGPT on your data – DvSum CADDI explainer video

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Data Observability

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Data Agility Unleashed.

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