The Agile
Data Quality 

DvSum Agile Data Quality (ADQ) brings a single framework for managing data quality in a modern data landscape. By bringing together data quality and data observability, customers can now detect, diagnose and resolve any discrepancies in the end-to-end data value chain and deliver accurate results on time by avoiding any data downtime.

How does it work?


Powerful rules engine to check data quality for master data, transactional data and across systems


Business-friendly user-interface and workflows to orchestrate cleansing with data owners


Fully understand the health of the data in its systems with Data Observability that connects to existing data and monitors and notifies stakeholders for freshness, volume and schema changes


Push the cleansed data back into source systems without the need for any external ETL process


Powerful Rules Engine

23 out-of-the-box rule templates that include rules for master data, transactional data, and cross-system reconciliation.

data quality automated rules
data quality detect and fix

Cleanse & Write-Back

Don't just detect data quality issues, fix the issues and write-back to the source from a single interface. With SOX-compliant features, you can write-back changes into your Production sources. Specialized write-back capabilities for Oracle and SAP ERP.


Workflow based Orchestration

Data Quality is a process. With built-in and customizable workflow templates, create an orchestrated process to review, cleanse, approve and write-back changes.

data quality workflow orchestration dvsum
data quality cleansing data preparation dvsum

Data Preparation Workbench

The best option to higher data quality is to create high quality data in the first place. With an Excel-like grid, your business teams can create, update, cleanse data faster and push it to Enterprise application.


Real-time Address Validation

Enrich, Standardize Address Data with full-featured Address validation capability. With built-in integration to Google's geo-location service and customizable rules, you can validate addresses world-wide. Address Validation service is also available as an API so you can integrate address validation into your customer or vendor web portals.

address validation data quality dvsum
data quality reporting dvsum

Data Quality Tracking & Reporting

Track data quality coverage, score, and trends over-time through simple, beautiful dashboards and reports with drag-and-drop self-service reporting.


Comprehensive Enterprise Connectivity

With built-in connectors to 150+ Data sources that include databases, enterprise applications like Oracle and SAP, SaaS applications like Sales Force, you can use a single Data Quality tool to manage data quality across all your enterprise.

data quality data source connectivity dvsum
data observability

Data Observability

Data Observability encompasses proactive monitoring, tracking, and incident triaging of data. It provides valuable insights into data freshness and helps track and identify unwanted data entering systems. By combining data quality and observability, DvSum offers a single framework for managing the data quality of a modern data landscape.

What our customers are saying?

I was initially skeptical when DvSum claimed they could setup the tool in our environment within hours. However, when we began analyzing our bulk data and gaining insights on the first day, I knew we had a powerful tool

Shailesh Jha
Sr. Director of IT, Regal Beloit

DvSum is the perfect partner to compliment our Supply Chain Transformation program. They are helping us with Data Management, Business Intelligence and bring rich supply chain domain expertise.

Alex Sanchez-Aldana
Alex Sanchez-Aldana
Director, Coca-Cola FEMSA

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DvSum platform overview – Autonomous Data Management

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