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DvSum CADDI makes it effortless to interact with your data, understand it, and extract reliable insights.

CADDI – DvSum Conversational Analytics for Data Driven Insights – makes it easy to interact with your data. Try it today!

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Natural language querying

Traditional BI tools require SQL or some technical skills. With DvSum, just talk naturally. SQL or other technical skills are not required. CADDI understands how you might ask a question. You don’t have to ask in a constrained way such as “Sort Product Name by Sum of Sales and Date = 4Q22- 1Q23”. Just ask “Which products had the most revenue the past two quarters?” This makes the data more accessible to a wider range of users who may not be as familiar with the technical jargon or data structures.

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Automated analysis & reporting

CADDI can be used to generate automated reports based on specific queries, saving time and effort for employees who would otherwise need to manually compile data and create reports. It can also be trained to perform automated data analysis and provide insights based on trends, patterns, and correlations in the data. This can help you make data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently.


Personalized recommendations

CADDI analyzes a user's past behavior and data consumption patterns to make personalized recommendations for relevant data sources or insights.

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Business glossary of data definitions & business rules

Upload your current list of data domains, business terms, definitions. Using its AI-enabled classification algorithms, DvSum will automatically link the physical data elements to the glossary terms and recommend enrichments to the business glossary.


Data preparation recommendations for analytics

Data is semantically tagged. Data relationships are inferred and ML algorithms generate cleansing recommendations. Data analysts and data scientists can quickly find the relevant data, understand its contents and quality and create their data cleansing recipe.

How does it work?

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Connect sources

Connect your data sources. DvSum automatically builds an understanding of your data.


Coach chatbot

Create Topic Bots with optional data scopes. Coach the bot with any specific business context.



Publish the bot and share access to relevant users. Users start chatting with data

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