Data Intelligence solution for Adaptive Data Governance, Increase Data Literacy and Trust

Creating a Data Catalog is is the relatively easier part. Getting users (especially business users) to use it, is the hard part....

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Tool for Smart Data Discovery and Data Democratization

Quality Data is crucial for your analytics need. But finding it and cleaning it up takes up a lot of time and can be tedious....

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Data intelligence and Data Quality monitoring for Actionable Business Intelligence

Analytics teams are the first line of defense for business users when they find unexpected data in reports. They waste valuable...

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Workflows allow you to define the process step by step to get the job...

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Glossary allows you to review the terms and review where the information is coming from and which data sources are...

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Administering an integrated data management platform

Administration of the DvSum application. Unlike legacy data management applications, where the administration is a separate...

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Data Quality Dashboards

How to create Dashboards in DvSum? Create insightful, engaging data quality and governance dashboards in seconds using DvSum...

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Data Cleansing

How to do data cleansing in DvSum? Once you have identified exceptions, you can use DvSum cleansing capabilities to fix the data...

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Data Quality Rules

How do you setup data quality rules in DvSum? DvSum has 23 different rule templates that covers master data rules, cross-system...

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Data Profiling – How do profile data in DvSum?

How to do data profiling in DvSum? Data Profiling helps you discover your data by identifying the data type, the range of values,...

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DvSum platform overview – Autonomous Data Management

DvSum DataPARC platform is a cloud based business self-service integrated data management platform. It is an all-in-one data...

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