Lean, Sustainable, Adaptive
Data Governance

Shift the mindset from thinking of data governance as frameworks and policies to embedding it strategically into the way the organization works every day. Harness the data surge while maintaining control over its frenzied pace.


Data governance is more than a little overwhelming, so much so that many organizations struggle to get started; or they do start, but the scope is too broad, making it difficult to gain traction.

"Two-Thirds of all initial data governance efforts die on the vine."

Solution Highlights


AI-driven automatic metadata extraction, classification and prioritization


Data categoried into subject areas aligned to business priorities


Crowd-sourced Business Glossary


Progress Tracking of Data Usability, Quality, and Compliance

How does DvSum help with Data Governance

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Focused and Flexible Data Governance

Start with targeted governance focused on specific data domains with targeted value creation. Eventually, move to comprehensive governance with standards and controls for balancing value creation and risk / regulatory compliance.


AI-driven automatic metadata harvesting, classification, and prioritization

Automatically catalog, classify, score and rank your data and generate a single view of your data governance assets. Use the classifications to categorize data by data domains for prioritizing and assigning ownership.


Crowd Sourced Business Glossary

With DvSum's unique browser based plugin, Data Catalog is accessible within any web-enabled interface without need for any integration. Users can access the catalog and suggest edits directly from inside their Reports. Drive higher usability and easy contribution to the Data Catalog.


Automated Tracking of Usability, Quality, and Compliance

Keep top management buy-in by sharing progress of your governance efforts with built-in reports and dashboards.

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Launch Lean Data Governance

Make Data Accessible, Usable, and Protected.