DvSum for Healthcare

DvSum empowers healthcare industry companies and agencies with generative AI (GenAI) to unleash data insights to maximize business outcomes. The DvSum Data Insights platform makes it effortless for healthcare industry professionals to discover, understand, and trust your data thus enabling self-service analytics for everyone. 


Payors struggle to attain insights into the Electronic Enrollment Transmission (EET) with countless manual processes and need to access multiple systems. This slows time-to-market and lengthens the implementation timeline.  Eliminating manual processes, accelerating open enrollment, and easier client onboarding are all desired outcomes. Payors can use DvSum’s AI-powered chat for iterative, in-the-moment analysis to decrease costs and accelerate time-to-market. 

healthcare use cases
female pharmacist working in drug store.


Pharmacy informatics, IT Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Business Analysts can perform in-the-moment member experience analysis – for example: prescription filling wait time; medication adherence; usage of eye clinic, new clinic usage, digital app usage; operational metrics; and so on. 

Healthcare Organizations (HCOs)

Healthcare Organizations (HCOs), whether Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), all share similar problems. How can they solve the toughest information related issues, such as revenue cycle management (RCM) and patient insights quickly and easily. 

top view of healthcare costs and fees concept.hand of smart doct

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