Data Insights for Procurement

DvSum empowers procurement teams to unleash data insights to maximize business outcomes. 


Procurement teams dedicate 20% of their time to data hunting in various systems and documents. DvSum leverages the power of Generative AI (GenAI), enabling self-service BI via natural language interactions with your data and documents.  

The DvSum Data Insights platform makes it effortless for procurement professionals to discover, understand, and trust the data thus enabling self-service BI for everyone. With quick, secure setup and no IT hassles, it's a game-changer for procurement efficiency. 

Drive Cost Savings

Budget constraints continue to be a part of the corporate fabric. Responsibilities for procurement to efficiently manage spend is increasingly critical. Empowering the procurement team with the ability to gain immediate insights into their questions helps them to drive their objectives. DvSum CADDI empowers them to attain fast and iterative data analysis around urgent questions. 

data insights for procurment

How Procurement Staff Overcome Daily Challenges with GenAI

Procurement teams often waste up to 20% of their time hunting through various systems and documents for answers to their questions instead of solving procurement challenges. DvSum empowers procurement teams to eliminate the hunting and unleash data insights to maximize business outcomes.

warehouse managers preparing order, checking pick ticket on laptop

Chat with your data

Learn how you can empower your business users to find data insights themselves 

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