Got a data question? Just Ask.
DvSum Self-Service Analytics,
with AI-Powered Chat

Finally, any employee has the power of self-service analytics by asking questions to their data. The world has witnessed the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) with GPT-3, when it exploded on the scene with ChatGPT, released by OpenAI. Now such power is at your fingertips for your enterprise data.

DvSum empowers all employees to be data-savvy. This enables data democratization to serve “the last mile of BI users” – and ultimately, a data-driven culture.


Decision makers are drowning in data but starving for insights. Finding business insights from data has traditionally required technical skills, and thus there has been a dependency on IT and Analytics teams for every data request.

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Solution: true self-service analytics for the masses

DvSum delivers fast, reliable insights, without costly and time-consuming tooling and training. All with a simple yet powerful chat interface to your enterprise data. This empowers you to drive business innovation, with no  obstacles from your data. All data is easily accessible, usable, and reliable.

How is DvSum different from the others?

Ask your question naturally.

Traditional BI tools require SQL or some technical skills. With DvSum, just talk naturally.

SQL or other technical skills are not required. DvSum understands how you might ask a question. You don’t have to ask in a constrained way such as “Sort Product Name by Sum of Sales and Date = 4Q22- 1Q23”. Just ask “Which products had the most revenue the past two quarters?”

DvSum is a Comprehensive
Data Platform

A chat interface is not enough. The underlying data must be comprehensive, well organized, rich with meaning, and high-quality.

Data Catalog:


DvSum ML-driven data catalog makes it easy to automatically classify, find, and understand your data.

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Data Quality:


DvSum’s automated business-rules ensures you can trust your data.

DvSum handles all your data - 200+ types!

SAPSales ForceDynamics
100+ Applications

Enterprise and Cloud Apps

SQL ServerOracleSnowflake
25+ Databases

On-prem, Cloud, SQL, NoSQL

S3Azure BlobGoogle Cloud
Data Lakes

TableauPower BI
BI Tools

Excelflat files
Offline Data

Do real work with datasets

Curiosity drives business innovation!

With DvSum, querying data becomes friction-free and reduces the cost of answering questions to zero. It becomes fun and easy to engage your data. Democratize data and fuel a data-driven culture with DvSum!

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Ready to unleash data insights
for your organization?

Learn how DvSum can empower your business users to find data insights
without learning the technicalities of data.

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