Accelerate self-service analytics by making it easy to find, understand, and trust data

Find the best data for your analytics needs. Smart discovery with ML-suggested data preparation steps. Spend less time in data preparation and more time in generating insights.


70% of Analytics Teams time is spent in Data Preparation

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Solution Highlights


Search and find data from everywhere


Preview dataset profiles before selecting the most relevant one to use

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Automatic recommendations for data cleansing to prepare data for ML


Publish discoveries and datasets for future re-use

Finding Trusted, Reliable Data Starts Here

Search and Find data from Everywhere

Search across databases, data lakes, and applications. With classified, categorized, tagged datasets, you can find the right datasets without knowing the exact table or file names.

solution1 data discovery data literacy understand and trust data

Preview dataset profiles and select the most relevant ones to use

Before meeting someone new, you check out their profile on LinkedIn (or Tinder!). Similarly, with DvSum, you can check out the source data's profile before spending time to collect.

Automatic data cleansing recommendations to prepare the data for ML

DvSum ML auto recommends joins, imputing missing values, normalizing outlier values, standardizing categorical attributes. Data Analysts and Scientists spend less time preparing data and more time in model building.

solution1 data discovery semantic search find data anywhere
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Publish discoveries and prepared datasets for future re-use

Your discovery notes, data preparation recipes and the prepared datasets are published back into the Catalog. So you and your team members can leverage for re-use.

Turn Data Teams
into Data Heros

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Accelerate Analytics

Accelerate self-service analytics by making it easy to find, understand, and trust data

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