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True Self-Service Analytics for the masses with AI-powered Chat 


Finally, any employee has the power of self-service analytics by asking questions to their data. The world has witnessed the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) with GPT-3 & 4, when it exploded on the scene with ChatGPT, released by OpenAI. Now such power is at your fingertips for your enterprise data. 

DvSum empowers all employees to be data-savvy. This enables data democratization to serve “the last mile of BI users” – and ultimately, a data-driven culture.  

Analyzing data has required technical skills

Finding business insights from data has traditionally required technical skills, and thus there has been a dependency on IT and Analytics teams for every data request.

analyzing data requires technical skills dependency on it and data analysts dvsum Self-Service Analytics

With DvSum you simply
chat with your data

DvSum delivers fast, reliable insights, without costly and time-consuming tooling and training. All with a simple yet powerful chat interface to your enterprise data. This empowers you to drive business innovation, with no obstacles from your data. It gives you true self-service analytics for the masses. All data is easily accessible, usable, and reliable. 

chat with your data natural language querying using chatgpt on your data dvsum

Gain true actionable insights

DvSum’s powerful conversational AI learns and understands your context and can summarize the Q&A into a summary of findings and suggest recommended actions.

Industry-specific knowledge

DvSum understands industry specific data and metric definitions. You can easily feed it your company specific terminology and metrics.

dvsum chat with your data automatic industry specific domain knowledge healthcare retail insurance 1024x665

Hassle-free data privacy and access controls

Use built-in data classification and access policies or integrate it with your internal IT controls and any data governance system.

dvsum builtin data privacy security controls integrate with it policies

How is DvSum different from others?

No technical skills and training required

Traditional BI tools require SQL or some technical skills.

With DvSum, just talk naturally. SQL or other technical skills are not required. DvSum understands how you might ask a question.

You don’t have to ask in a constrained way such as “Sort Product Name by Sum of Sales and Date = 4Q22- 1Q23”. Just ask “Which products had the most revenue the past two quarters?” 

dvsum how is dvsum chat with your data different from tableau powerbi ssbi tools

Built on a strong data intelligence foundation

A chat interface is not enough. The underlying data must be comprehensive, well organized, rich with meaning, secured, and high-quality. 

 DvSum ML-driven data catalog automatically catalogs, classifies and curates from your data sources 

data insights platform1 chat with your data data catalog data quality data governance dvsum

Chat with your data

Learn how you can empower your business users to find data insights themselves 

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