Create a centralized inventory of Power BI datasets and reports with DvSum Agile Data Catalog

“DvSum Agile Data Catalog can scan your entire PowerBI environment with one click allowing you to create a centralized Analytics Catalog that is fully integrated through lineage with your Data Platform. Watch this video to see it in action.

You are working to be a data-driven organization.
You have chosen Power BI as your BI tool of choice for your company and empowered your
Your various departments to do self-service BI.
Much effort is spent between analysts and business teams to come up with an accurate,
Prepared dataset and Metrics, which are visualized. Often, these datasets can be reused,
But they don’t. Why? Because the datasets and workspaces are siloed. They remain tribal knowledge and are not easy to find. Furthermore, Data teams do not have visibility of data used in these datasets & reports.
So, they don’t know what might be the impact of making changes in the upstream processes or data.

How do you gain visibility into models and reports available in siloed Power BI workspaces to drive reuse and metric standardization?

DvSum Agile Data Catalog can quickly scan your Power BI environment, allowing you to create a unified Data & Analytics Catalog. Thereby accelerating time to insights while increasing reuse, metrics consistency, and governance.
Learn more at dvsum.ai and start for free today.”

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Unlock the full potential of your data with DvSum

  • Create a unified view of your entire data landscape on Day 1
  • Streamline data governance with automatic data classification and enrichment
  • Improve data accuracy with integrated data quality and cleansing
  • Empower business users to get data insights with no-code self-service data exploration