how to get nocode insights from data dvsum data catalog

How to get nocode insights about your data with DvSum Agile Data Catalog

Before you consume any data: whether to ingest in a data pipeline, to analyze for insights or to build ML, you need to understand that data. Understanding a dataset means knowing what fields are in the data, what do they mean, what are the data types, how complete are the fields, what is the distribution profile of data, what is its quality.

For technically skilled engineers, analyst and scientist this would be spending time writing SQL statements or loading dataset into a dataframe and writing shape and describe statements. But what about non-technical users. They cannot write SQL or write python. They are not empowered to do self-service data analysis.

DvSum’s Data Catalog automatically extracts and enriches metadata from any dataset and makes it available so everyone in your organization can find, understand and consume data easily. Watch this tutorials to see how.

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Unlock the full potential of your data with DvSum

  • Create a unified view of your entire data landscape on Day 1
  • Streamline data governance with automatic data classification and enrichment
  • Improve data accuracy with integrated data quality and cleansing
  • Empower business users to get data insights with no-code self-service data exploration