Uses Cases by Industry, Topic, and Function

DvSum CADDI’s powerful chat interface to internal corporate data enables secure, reliable, iterative, and in-the-moment ad hoc analysis without technical skills. Click the desired use case for more detailed information about how CADDI can help

All General Human Resources: Workplace Equity Analysis and DE&I HR Managers, Recruitment Specialists, Legal, and DE&I Managers Pay equity and compensation
General Sales Channel, Distributors Channel Sales, Third-Party Sales Rep., Field Sales Sell products from hundreds of vendors while maximizing profit, accurately forecast, cross-sell/upselling, managing inventory, quoting, etc.
Finance Capital Markets Portfolio/Product Credit Card Analysis Portfolio/Product Managers, Business Analyst Credit card portfolio analysis
Real Estate - Mortgage Mortgage Loan Analysis Product Managers, Business Analysts, Underwriters, DE&I Mortgage product performance analysis
Healthcare Insurance companies / Payors Member population analysis Healthcare backoffice professionals: executives, managers, product managers, care managers, support, business analysts, and data analysts Member coverage analysis (population healthcare insights, transfer rate analysis, etc.)
Insurance companies / Payors Claim Denial/Approve Analysis Claims specialist Determine claim denial, acceptance, and if policy change warranted
Compliance Check for Claim Appeals and Appeasement Claims specialist/auditor Managing disposition of appeal
Healthcare organizations Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) managers Accelerate payments through analysis of claim denials, re-admission claims, and payment delays
Pharmacy / Drug stores Member experience optimization Pharmacy informatics, IT Pharmacist, Pharmacy Business Analysts Member experience analysis (e.g., prescription filling wait time; medication adherence; usage of eye clinic, new clinic, digital app; operational metrics
Pharmaceutical / Medicines
Manufacturing Semi-Conductor Logistics (Supply Chain) Procurement / Logistics teams, Planners, Operational Managers Align ERP planning data vs. execution parameters for MRP and Capacity Planning with actual data being seen in MES
General Equipment Maintenance Maintenance Engineers, Equipment Manufacturers, Operational Managers Proactively predict and “optimize” maintenance issues or failure of equipment/parts and take predictive measures.
General Sales Field Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Operations, Sales Exe. Cross-sell, up-sell

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