Data Catalog use cases – DvSum Demo at Dataversity Demo Day

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Watch this webinar to learn more about why you need a Data Catalog, key features of DvSum Data Catalog, and 4 use-cases enabled by it.

Unleash Data Agility with automated Data Catalog of your entire Data & Analytics Stack. Other Data Catalogs are unwieldly, cumbersome, and expensive. DvSum Data Catalog is powerful, easy to setup and use, and brings significantly faster time to value.

In this webinar, we demonstrated how you can unleash Data Agility with our Data Catalog by:

  • Creating a unified Catalog of your entire Data and Analytics Stack
  • Reducing data discovery and data prep to deliver timely, accurate insights faster
  • Empowering business users to do no-code, no-SQL self-service analysis
  • Enabling a lean and sustainable data governance program to manage data

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