Data Governance explained in plain english for data professionals


What is Data Governance, why is it important, why is it hard, and ways in which you can launch a lean, sustainable data governance program for your organization. Full webinar of a chat between Aashish Singhvi of DvSum and Brian Ayers of Third Real Technologies.

Data Governance is about making data more usable, high quality, and protect it.

Data Governance is hard, its centralized, It sounds legalese, abstract, not easily comprehensible and that is the essence of the problem.

Why organization should care is because without Data Governance, you cannot make your data usable, high quality and protect it.

Organization should start with a lean approach - start small, start with a small team, prioritize data based on its impact to business initiatives, apply the right level of governance, and leverage a Data Catalog tool to make data easily accessible to data consumers and monitor and manage data to improve its quality and usability.

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