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Advantages and Pitfalls of Using ChatGPT or GPT-4 to Interface with Your Enterprise Data

How DvSum Empowers You to Extract Reliable Insights from Your Data with GPT-4

The challenge: easily extracting real-time, reliable insights from your data

A major challenge in the enterprise today is that decision-makers are drowning in data, yet paradoxically starving for insights. That's because analyzing data requires technical skills, and thus there is a dependency on IT and Data Analysts. Furthermore, there's a lack of trust in data because of data quality issues. Data & Analytics leaders are struggling to prove value to their organizations, according to a recent Gartner survey.


Advantages and pitfalls of using ChatGPT or GPT-4 to interface with your enterprise data

Since ChatGPT exploded on the scene, people are recognizing its potential to serve enterprise needs. Could ChatGPT and its underlying GPT-4 be used to interface with enterprise data? Here are some advantages and potential pitfalls:

An easy chat interface
Automated analysis and reporting
Personalized recommendations
Data integration
Accuracy and reliability of the data
Accuracy of the data within the specific context
User adoption
Data security: data access rights and protecting sensitive data

How is using DvSum different from a DIY approach with ChatGPT or GPT-4?

DvSum's "secret sauce" is marrying AI-powered chat with an automated data infrastructure that organizes data into a unified data catalog - complete with business glossary- and constantly ensures high data quality. Ultimately, that means you attain reliable insights from all your data and the fastest time-to-value. All with no technical skills required.

advantages and pitfalls of using chatgpt or gpt 4 to interface with your enterprise data

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