whitepaper how to accelerate self service bi through an agile data catalog

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How to Accelerate Analytics through an Agile Data Catalog

Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) is often presumed to be handled alone with the business intelligence tool itself. Instead, augmenting the BI tool with a data catalog allows:

  • Productivity acceleration for your BI/analytics experts
  • Offload basic data analysis downstream, to achieve “self-service BI 2.0”

Industry analysts and surveys often find that BI and analytics professionals spend a large chunk of their time in finding and preparing their data before analysis. For example, according to BI Survey's Data Management 22 survey, 80 percent of development effort is spent on preparing data before users can receive it. An agile data catalog can greatly reduce time spent on prepping data tremendously and thus eliminate bottlenecks for self-service analytics.

Read this white paper to learn:

The 3 steps to achieve self-service BI
The ecosystem of self-service BI and analytics, and how agile data catalog can help with each component
The obstacles to self-service BI, why each is hard, and how to overcome those obstacles
How an agile data catalog helps accelerate self-service BI
whitepaper how to accelerate self service bi through an agile data catalog

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